August 9 travel

Here we go again! Woke up to pouring rain but I am now on the train and it’s sunny!! However, the weather forecast is for rain and gales over the weekend, a festival in Newquay has been cancelled because of the weather so my crossing of Bodmin Moor should be interesting. With the recent rain I suspect the moor will be very wet so I have taken gaiters.

So, if I make it through the weather, there is then Jamaica Inn and the smugglers (if that doesn’t mean anything to you read the Daphne Du Maurier book: murders, wrecking, domestic abuse etc). Then of course there is the Beast of Bodmin moor (allegedly a panther) to contend with; it’s dangerous walking in the UK.

Seems like the country has sunny intervals and showers today. Now we have passed Cheltenham the journey is getting more interesting as I can see the Cotswolds. I can pass the time trying to see points of my walking route as we continue south. There should be good views to the West from the Cotswold escarpment if the weather is nice. Stichcombe Hill is now on the horizon. This hill looks like a hand on the map and the route goes from one side of the “wrist” to the other via each “finger” in turn, taking a mile instead of about 200 yards. Will I cut the corner? You, and I, will have to wait and see.

Through Bristol and the Mendips we reach Bridgewater. Most lejogers walk through Bridgewater as it is a good point to cross the M5 and the river Parrot. The train then crosses the aptly named Somerset Levels. I can see the Quantocks in the distance but visibility is poor as it starts to rain again. The weather is due to improve next week so it should be a great walk.

The latest weather forecast for tomorrow is still poor so I spent some time this evening planning a low level alternative to going up Brown Willy ( no sniggering please). The first 6 miles is along a valley, the rest of the Camel trail that I followed from Padstow. Hopefully visibility will improve by the afternoon so I plan a lie in and a late start