Monday 17 June: Day 6 Zennor to St Ives

Miles Walked: today 6.8 cumulative 77.5

A short day today. Before I left Zennor I looked round the church and saw the mermaid chair.

The chair is said to be 400 years old. Legend has it that there was a boy who had an exquisite voice and sang in the church choir. People came from far and wide to hear him sing. A mermaid used to sit on the shore and listen to the singing. One day she came into the church and led the boy down to the sea and neither were ever seen again.

The above story is printed in the church. However, on the internet it suggests that the mermaid enticed the boy away by the sound of her voice.

As I have already said, there is no “fixed” route for lejog. I left the coast path and headed away from Zennor down the B3306 for about half a mile with nice views back to the village

I then headed south on to the Downs to visit Zennor quoit.

Quoits are megalithic burial chambers consisting of several upright stones supporting a large capstone. As you can see the roof has collapsed after one of the supporting stones was dislodged. The 3 standing stones you can see in the foreground are the remains of a cow shed from the nineteenth century. It is said the local vicar had to stop the farmer from completing the building with stones from the quoit.

I returned to the road and after a further half mile turned down a lane to pass through an old mill and back to the coast path. There were a large number of day walkers from St Ives. A few seals were lazing on rocks on the shore.

After a gentle walk I arrived in St Ives for lunch

A day off to follow. I spent it wandering round the Tate gallery (highly recommended). I planned to spend the rest of the day on the beach. However a wet day so I have had a lazy afternoon. Back on the coast path tomorrow.