Monday 23 September Alveley to Pattingham

Miles walked today 18.5 miles cumulative 546.7 miles

A beautiful morning again so I decided to have a further few hours following the Severn to Bridgnorth. I followed the West Bank of ol man river this time. although the rabbit population is threatened the mallards are thriving, there were literally hundreds on this stretch of the Severn

I must be getting paranoid, when they quack I think they are laughing at me. They ignore me until I get too close, then they all take off at once. Impressive. Elsewhere along the river there is a large population of swans.

I passed nice riverside parks yesterday near Stourport and Bewdley where there were some interesting sculptures. This fish was situated near the bridge at Highley where I crossed the river this morning

I was sorry to leave the Severn. I walked to Bridgnorth which is a really pretty town. It lies at one end of the Severn valley railway

The town is split into the higher town and the lower town. There was a castle at the top of the hill but only a few stones remain although there is a nice park. The old town hall is still present on Main Street in High Town.

After cheese on toast for lunch ( two doorsteps and about a pound of cheese, thanks Castle Cafe it was great!) I set off down the Cartway to the river. This was the only road between the high and low town until the mid 18th century. It was a bit of a disreputable area! The houses were either pubs, lodgings for sailors (who were described as ruffians) or “houses of ill repute.” There is only one pub left (the Black Boy, named after Charles I) which I assume is highly respectable, and I failed to spot either a salt of the sea or a lady (or indeed a gentleman) of questionable morals. The road itself is very pretty

Behind the houses are caves that were lived in until the mid 19th century.

I crossed the Severn for the last time and set off over the fields to Pattingham. I passed through the ground of Davenport House, now a hotel and wedding venue. Next to the house is the village of Worfield which was rather nice although a bit posh, mums picking kids up in BMWs and Porsches.

It now stated to rain so it was heads down and wet weather gear on and march on to Pattingham. As I approached the town I was met by Tim and Jarvis (he is a cocker spaniel)

I am not sure how waterproof my jacket is.

It was a short walk to Tim’s house, a cup of tea and a chance to dry out before a trip to the pub.