Saturday 21 September Worcester to Shrawley

Distance walked today 9 miles cumulative 509.5

It is good to be back. I had longer off than I originally wanted but I needed to time the walk to fit in with Tim’s (my son) off duty. It also allowed more time for my knee to recover although it was sore again after 5 miles. Worcester is close enough to home so I could plan an afternoon walk and I only left home this morning. Had a coffee at the station. The Muzak included a piano version of “stairway to heaven” which sounded really good. A tribute to a great song is that it sounds good whoever is playing it (with the exception of me singing it)

It was good to see that Worcester was bustling on a Saturday morning. One way to limit car journeys is to use public transport to go to a city centre rather than to drive to an out of town mall.

I grabbed a pasty from a local baker and crossed the Severn. I had a good view of the cathedral

I turned north along the stretch of the river bank called Henwick Parade. Local legend says that a nymph called Sabrina or Sabern (Hafren in Welsh) had an illicit love affair and drowned in the river here, giving her name to the Severn

The Severn way passes between the main road and the river. On the opposite side are the racecourse and boathouses. Rowers were out practising. I suspect there were some new students there as some of the boats were accompanied by trainers shouting instructions.

After a few hundred yards the road diverges and the path passes alongside the river though light woodland and fields. It was sunny and hot. The weathermen have warned that this is going to be the last good day so I made the most of it and just ambled along.

After a while I came to a pub (the Camp House Inn) on the river near a weir. It would have been rude to walk past so I sat on the riverbank and enjoyed a pint in the sunshine.

I really shouldn’t drink at lunchtime. I wandered along following the waymarks not bothering to check the map. Suddenly the path came to an end, the way forward being blocked with brambles and a brook. I retraced my steps. I had missed a turn but this was also too overgrown to allow access. I retreated and looked at the map. Of course, the path I hadn’t taken was clearly demonstrated by the map to be the correct one.

I then got stuck again. I came to a farm where the fields had been divided up into pens so the children could see the animals. There was also a frisbee golf course (honest, a “grown up” was playing it). I worked my way through this but when I came to the farmhouse the adjacent fields were now a camp site with access roads not marked on the map and no path marked on the ground.

Eventually I found the track and came to Holt. This has a church that dates back to the 14th century and a fortified Manor House. The house is still lived in but the tower dates back to the 14th century. I will add a picture later. It is probable the fortifications are only decorative as the windows on the tower are large ( they would be arrow slits otherwise).

A short walk brought me to the Lenchford Inn and I have a room overlooking the river with a balcony

Nice food and beer too!