Wednesday 21 August Long Sutton to Castle Carey

Miles walked:today 19 cumulative 337.6

Another long day. I must say, respect is due to lejoggers who walk in excess of 20 miles a day for 7 weeks or more. And to Sharon Gayter who ran it in 12 days 11 hours earlier this year. Cycling the route is popular, including tricycles and unicycle. I think I read that someone is trying to do it at the moment on a penny farthing.

In 2005 David Sullivan hit a golf ball 1100 miles from John O’Groats to Lands End. If any of my golfing friends are still following me they may wish to emulate this.

Other odd modes of transport include swimming, paddle boarding ( on the sea, not on dry land), paraglider, lawn tractor, electric car etc. Some of those in recipient of a senior bus pass have achieved the feat using local buses.

There is now a “beeline” challenge, the aim to travelin a straight line using sea kayaks to cross open water and climb Ben Macdui, the second highest Scottish mountain, which happens to be in the way. There is a great page on Wikipedia, it does say that some of the data hasn’t been verified)

I haven’t much to say about the walk itself. There was nothing wrong with the walk. It was pretty, there were nice villages, no vicious cattle but I can think of anything new to say. I wandered along in a relaxed manner enjoying the countryside which is what the trip is about.

The village of Charlton Adam was particularly attractive. There was a nice market square and old tithe barn

I have seen a lot of butterflies and dragonflies the last two days. I particularly like the bright blue dragonflies. Mark Moxon also took a liking to them, it must be something that appeals to walkers.

For those interested in my route, I followed the Macmillan Way West today ( I have been following it most of the time since Simonsbath). Signposting is sometimes lacking but it’s a nice route. The Macmillan Cancer Support organisation was founded in Castle Carey by Douglas Macmillan. To try to raise money, the Organisation have set up a series of routes across southern England and you can buy a guide book and accommodation list for about £10 for each route. Of course, I have done it west to east, not east to west so (like the coastpath) the directions were backwards. It did give me useful information about the places I passed through.