A month to go!

I am very grateful to those who have published books and blogs about their journey. At some point I will add a bibliography and links.

Preparation actually started at the beginning of the year. I was worried Cornwall B &B would get fully booked so I booked accommodation really early. I am going to start at the Lizard and walk to Lands End via the coast path, then continue along the north coast to Padstow before following the Camel trail to Bodmin. Nice easy days of 10-12 miles to ease in gently and to have time to sit on the beach if it’s sunny.

I have done minimal training. I cycle to work and walk and swim regularly but have not backpacked for more than 3-4 days at a time for ages hence the relaxed start. Hopefully B&B will allow me to keep my weight down. Like other walkers it’s a compromise between the amount of clothes to carry vs not wanting to smell! There are some fabrics which claim to avoid smelling sweaty and are easy to wash and quick to dry so, as long as it doesn’t rain every day I should be ok. My I pad will double as a book reader and iPod and allow me to upload a diary and pictures as I go along. My new boots seem comfortable and hopefully will be blister free. I won’t even have to carry much food as most days will include a bay where there is a pub or kiosk where I can buy lunch.

I decided to take “real” maps and a compass as I don’t trust electronic devices in case the battery runs out. However, if I keep the sea on my left I shouldn’t get lost!

2 thoughts on “Preparation

  1. Hi Dr. Ashleigh,
    Good luck on your adventure! Regarding the battery issue, perhaps you could get a portable battery charger (a 20k mAh one could last for days, Anker is a good brand and amazon could deliver it straight to your B&B!)


    1. Thanks. Weight is at a Premium. This year should be no problem, I am staying in B and Bs. May be an issue if I decide to camp in Scotland as I want to keep by pack weight below 15Kg


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